专业代理销售国内外著名化工公司的化工产品,客户涉及塑料、涂料、油墨等领域,在北方颜料(染料)行业享有很高的知名度。建立“以良好的技术支持为客户创造价值”的管理体系。倡导“尊重个人,沟通创新,追求完美”的文化,为员工提供良好的社会福利待遇和培训发展的机会。真诚地欢迎努力且有志向的您加入我们的团队,共创美好的明天! 本公司向员工提供在当地有竞争力的薪金待遇,享有国家规定的各项保险,双休。 展开 公司地址:天津市围堤道125号天信大厦1302室 (邮编:300074) 地图
Alfred Dunhill Limited is part of Richemont, one of the world’s leading luxury goods groups, whose other brands include Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Piaget, Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC and Montblanc. People Today Alfred Dunhill is a truly global company employing over 1,000 people worldwide. Alfred Dunhill is a business that displays Entrepreneurial Expertise in how it operates. A business that is full of people who are capable, creative, and decisive. People who take calculated risks, who innovate, and who contribute to making Alfred Dunhill an enjoyable, exciting and empowering place to work. Brand Alfred Dunhill has five main retail regions: Europe, Asia Pacific, China, Japan and the United States. We have over 180 stores and over 3,500 wholesale points of sale around the world. The product categories within which we work are: Menswear, leathergoods, men’s jewellery, writing instruments, timepieces, gifts and games. Our Jobs Due to the extensive nature of our business, we encompass as wide a spectrum of skills, talents, expertise and experiences as you might expect to find in multinational organisations many times our size. This gives very real meaning to that well used phrase, "our employees are our most valuable asset". In dunhill's case this is absolutely true, our success is entirely due to the skills of our team. No two people's aspirations, expectations or attitudes to work are completely alike. Some of our employees are very ambitious with their sights set on higher management. Others find job satisfaction in exercising administrative skills; ensuring the organisation runs smoothly; in practising craftsmanship; in extending their design skill; and in serving and advising our customers. It is the combination of these very different qualities and skills to a common purpose that has proved so successful, and ultimately to everyone's mutual advantage. All new employees to the Company will benefit from an induction which communicates further the history and philosophy of the brand and our strategy for the future. At dunhill we try to ensure our people are developed quickly and meet their full potential. Career development and succession planning means that individuals are given the opportunity to experience new challenges and attain their personal career aspirations. To this end, we have in place an appraisal process and a learning and development programme. 展开 公司地址:上海市淮海中路796号2号楼 (邮编:200020) 地图 公司官网:http://www.dunhill.com

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